Há 5 anos, o fundador do WhatsApp publicou esta modesta mensagem num fórum

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Há umas semanas, o Facebook surpreendeu tudo e todos com a compra do WhatsApp, a popular app de messaging, por 16 mil milhões de dólares. Jan Koum, o fundador do WhatsApp, procurava há 5 anos (2009) alguém que se interessasse pela app que acabara de desenvolver.

Koum dizia isto:

hi there,

my iphone app, the one i spent the last few months on, just went live in the app store. its free.. the idea is that the app lets you indicate your availability status to other before they call you. so for example, if you know you going on vacation, you can set your status to say “going on vacation, will not have cell phone connection, send email instead”..etc.

was curious if any of you want to give me feedback on what oyu think about the application? i spent an extra effort to make sure it works well with all the intl numbers and formats out there.

the app is called WhatsApp (clever, huh?:), our site is: http://www.whatsapp.com and you can grab it directly from itunes by following this link.

looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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