As cores e formas de Brooklyn segundo o artista urbano Aakash Nihalani

O artista urbano Aakash Nihalani pegou em fita cola, papel, plástico ondulado e ímans, e criou o blogue Eye Scream Sunday: uma série fotográfica, onde as pessoas aparecem atravessadas por barras berrantemente coloridas. Nihalani quis explorar o contraste entre o isolamento e a comunidade que sente em Brooklyn.

As barras coloridas unem as pessoas, conectam-nas umas às outras. E dão ao mesmo tempo um interessante efeito ilusório.


Aakash Nihalani explicou ao site Designboom o seu trabalho:

“In these new outdoor works, colourful bars pass through individuals, connecting them to each other and functioning as extensions of the urban landscape. The participants examine their own insides and connections, a visual expression of both the isolation and community I often feel living in Brooklyn. We spend so much time existing in virtual reality, these works are a visible connection to the real world.

My biggest influence has been the city’s architecture itself. The colors and tones everywhere are mostly neutral, so using bright colors allows me to really highlight and set apart the architecture that’s most interesting to me, kind of like a highlighter. Plus the fluorescent palette I use doesn’t really exist in nature, just like the man-made concrete structures of the city.

I also was really into magic tricks as a kid, and optical illusions, so I’m sure that’s still embedded in the way I approach things, manipulating positive and negative space to create an alternative vision of our urban landscape.”