Porque as bombas de gasolina não têm de ser feias

A GO é uma recente marca de bombas de gasolinas. Foi lançada no ano passado e já está presente em cerca 50 estações na Turquia. Pertence à Ipragaz, a segunda maior subsidiária da gigante SHV Energy. A GO foi concebida pela agência de branding Saffron.

Ipragaz vende, com a marca Ipragaz, GPL (isto é, Gás de Petróleo Liquefeito), tendo recentemente entrado nos mercados de Gás Natural e de electricidade. No entanto, a Ipragaz queria comercializar também gasolina, mas precisava de uma nova marca, ou correria o risco de contaminar a actual.

A Ipragaz falou, então, com a agência Saffron e nasceu a GO.











Podes ler a crítica do conceituado Under Construction aqui.

The first thing I like about this wordmark is that it is not geometrically perfect. It would have been easy to just draw the stroke in Illustrator, fatten it, and let it handle the curves. Instead, the corners have been adjusted slightly to give it a more organic flow and avoided the heavy ink coverage that happens with straight-up Illustrator curved corners. The triangle on the outside is also well considered — while it bottom-aligns with the top curl of the “G”, it dips slightly below to compensate visually. These are seemingly small moves but they help convert what would be an otherwise generic wordmark into something with more personality and visual presence, specially in such a simple identity system.

Using a relatively simple palette of elements — bright green and pitch black color palette, triangles, and sometimes the GOGOGOGO repetition — the identity and presence feels rich and elaborate. And, well, those gas stations look absolutely bad-ass and straight out of a science fiction movie. I love the balance of the use of green — usually an attempt to appear environmentally conscious — and the use of black — usually a sign of evil corporations and oil spills. Here, the stereotypes magically cancel each other out to deliver a color palette that simply looks great, regardless of entrenched associations.

gobranding_12 gobranding_13






Milhares de pessoas seguem o Shifter diariamente, apenas 50 apoiam o projecto directamente. Ajuda-nos a mudar esta estatística.