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Se te sentes um musicófilo, a conta @music é obrigatória no teu feed de Instagram. A rede social, que pertence ao Facebook, abriu no final de Abril uma conta exclusivamente dedicada à música. @music partilha fotos, letras e vídeos, explorando a música que se faz no mundo e os seus artistas.

“A comunidade de música é – e sempre foi – uma parte importante do Instagram. Durante os últimos quatro anos, tornámo-nos a casa de grandes e pequenos artistas – um sítio onde as pessoas do espectro musical podem partilhar histórias, mostrar a sua criatividade e conectar com os seus fãs”, escreveu o CEO do Instagram, Kevin Systrom, no primeiro post de @music. “A música é uma enorme parte das nossas vidas aqui no Instagram. É uma paixão nossa, e sabemos que também é uma paixão vossa.”

A conta conta hoje com mais de 120 mil seguidores e expõe histórias de músicos já consolidados, mas também de artistas emergentes. Histórias que estão acompanhadas sempre por uma foto ou vídeo e por um pequeno texto, e que remetem para a conta dos protagonistas.

@music vai ter 6 posts por semana. Alguns deles vão estar agrupados em séries, identificadas por hashtags específicas. Por exemplo: #LocallySourced fala de artistas independentes; #DoubleTrack foca-se nos interesses dos músicos para além da música; e #15SecondLessons vai dar lições de como fazer músicas, de riffs a drumbeats, de acordo com a empresa.

When it comes to music, Roots drummer and “Tonight Show” bandleader Questlove (@questlove) is all about the highs and lows. Take DJing, for instance. Give the crowd too many hits and you’ll numb them into the ground; too many non-jams and you’ll drive them off the dance floor. “When I first started, I was just desperate,” he says about the lack of pacing in his shows. “I was like, this is a hit, this is a hit, this is a hit. And you get addicted to the adrenaline rush of, ‘OH MY GOD THIS IS MY SONG.’ You kill them so much. I realized that now I am more obsessed with the opposite. I will put a bad song on and actually watch them filter out the floor. And I will wait two minutes [then play] ‘Uptown Funk’ –– ‘OH MY GOD IT’S MY SONG’ –– and then the scream is bigger than before. –Instagram @music Photo by @questlove

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Grizzly Bear lead singer Ed Droste (@edroste) is happy to call Los Angeles home, but travel is one of his true callings. There he is throwing up mock-gang signs in coastal Massachusetts, playing cricket in Jodhpur, India, and exploring a snow-covered field in Lucerne, Switzerland. “It’s my favorite thing to do other than music,” he says. “I’m always hyper-stimulated when I go to another country.” Not only does Ed document his travels, he also likes to capture his life as a working musician. When the members of Grizzly Bear sequestered themselves at Ed’s mother’s to record their last album, he regularly posted photos from their studio sessions. “It’s inspiring to have another outlet when you’re creating something,” says the 36-year-old musician. “When I look back, it looks like a snapshot of a certain time, with the colors I was using then.” #DoubleTrack – Margaret Wappler for Instagram @music Photo by @edroste

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At 47, Tabitha Soren (@tabithasoren) is a photography vet. She’s published pictures in high-profile magazines and has a current exhibit in Los Angeles titled “Fantasy Life.” Her photos capture both a sense of energy and a loss of innocence –– aging baseball players, people running from one location to the next, upside-down crashing waves. But taking pictures is a far cry from Tabitha’s previous career. Before that, she was best known for her work on MTV in the ‘90s, when the network was still focused on music. As an on-air correspondent, she spoke to everyone: Tupac, Mariah Carey, the Black Crowes. “Your job at MTV was to take the same story and do it differently every time,” she says. “There’s a band, they have a new album out, they’re going on tour. How do I not make this sound like the 30,000 other stories that have been done on MTV in that same situation?” Photo by @tabithasoren

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Os seguidores de @music podem participar na conta comentando os posts, mas também num passatempo mensal. Todos os meses há uma hashtag – a deste mês é #MHPlive – para a qual os utilizadores podem contribuir com fotos ou vídeos, que respondam ao desafio lançado pelo Instagram. Este mês, o @music quer fotos criativas de concertos; as melhores serão destacadas.

Today we’re launching our first Monthly Hashtag Project on @music, a series featuring challenges with designated themes and hashtags.  This month’s challenge is #MHPlive. The goal is to make creative images of a live musical performance. Our project takes inspiration from Sacha Lecca (@sachalecca), Deputy Photo Editor at “Rolling Stone.” Lecca  learned to shoot and print black-and-white film at a young age from his father, a former member of a Romanian rock band. Although Lecca’s profession allows him to spend time with musicians offstage, the goal of this project is to make interesting pictures of a live show without special access. “Since we live in an age where we communicate more and more with images, it’s hard to imagine being anywhere without someone taking photos. The challenge is to come up with something really great and unique out of a situation where you have many other photographers right along side you shooting the very same thing.” Lecca’s tips: “Arrive early. This might sound obvious but it’s a best practice if you want to be closer to the artist. Keep your attention on the band during the quiet, in-between moments. There might be a gesture or an exchange between the band of some kind that may make for a unique shot. Don’t just shoot the performance … it could be fans arriving or in line outside, it could be the empty venue after the show.” PROJECT RULES: Please add the #MHPlive hashtag only to photos and videos taken this month and only submit your own. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged image or video taken this month is eligible to be featured. Finally, please respect an artist’s wishes if they ask not to be photographed or recorded. For more inspiration, check out Featured photo by @sachalecca

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Os grandes nomes da música mundial, como Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber e Madonna, têm conta no Instagram. Mas a rede social é também procurada por artistas mais pequenos, que vêm nela um meio para partilharem fotos de concertos, bastidores, ensaios e chills outs.

Se a conta @music correr bem, é possível que o Instagram crie mais comunidades temáticas no futuro (por exemplo, um @art e um @fashion). O conteúdo de @music é da responsabilidade de um editor de música, Alex Suskind. Não é a primeira vez que o Instagram se aventura em conteúdo editorial; fá-lo praticamente desde o seu início na conta @Instagram.

Gostaste do que leste? Quanto vale conteúdo como este?

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